Ask and ye shall receive

What's worse than being a tease? Nothing and I've been a big ol' tease for 4 years.

Since the introduction of Functionality my porcelain dinnerware collection I've enjoyed cooking and showing y'all the versatility of my range a LOT! What?! It's the feeder in me. 

During this time quite a few people couldn't believe that my Functionality range is just that - Functional. Yes, you can Make | Bake | Serve with it. All in the one dish. Let's face it pretties, ain't nobody got time for fussy dinnerware. Between you and me - to say that the Functionality range is Dishwasher, Microwave and Ovenproof is nothing to sneeze at.

This Easter weekend y'all broke me after I posted the pic of my Dark Chocolate Hot Cross buns yesterday. Within 24 hours numerous people have requested/nagged/politely begged for the recipe.

So pretties at long last I've gotten my A into G and released the Recipe section. The recipes posted will be cooked up or served in Functionality pieces (obvs), super easy, with maximum flavour and most importantly..damn pretty. Cause lets face it - we all want to be #foodstylists. Ha!

So pretties, I hope you enjoy the recipes and I'd love to hear from y'all! 

Patricia xx