Is the Functionality range dishwasher, microwave and oven proof?

You bet ya! The Functionality has been designed for everyday use and can be used for baking lasagnes, pizzas, and scrumptious desserts. They are also dishwasher safe. Ain’t nobody got time for washing dishes! Unless you don’t have a dishwasher….well this is awkward.

Seriously, how user friendly is it?

The Functionality is so user friendly that you could (for example) make up some Chicken Pot Pies in some Super Cereal bowls, egg wash the puff pastry and freeze it. Once ready to bake, defrost the Super Cereal filled bowls and pop straight into the oven for baking.

How can it be Non-stick?

The beauty of my ceramic glaze is that even if you have baked on grease all you have to do is soak it for a teeny tiny bit and then wash as normal. Yup, it’s that fabulous.


Gift Registry

I love celebrating LOVE.

There's something quite special about two people coming together and starting the rest of their lives together. Rather than collecting two or three toasters I'm delighted to offer a custom gift registry you'll truly love.  This is an opportunity for YOU to choose what you'd like to have when starting the rest of your lives together AND in the colour palette you love.

Whether you're located here in Perth or all over the world I'm happy to offer a colour consult to discuss your style and colour queries. Sure the whole Functionality colour palette works well together but everyone's taste is different and deserves celebrating. 


Enlighten range - Candle tips

How do I convert my Candle beaker into an Espresso beaker?

Simple. Remove the tab (using a knife safely) and melt the remaining soy wax in 30 second bursts until it’s all melted and you can wipe it out using a tissue. If you have any soot on the edges of your container this is now the opportunity to wipe as much as you can off. Then wash using ordinary dishwashing liquid and a scourer.

Essential Oils vs Fragrance

Fragrance is great but it has still been created by going through a heavy chemical process. Can you be sure what you’re burning within your home and letting your loved ones inhale is safe for them? I’ll let you be the judge of that. The Enlighten range has been specifically created to use essential oils that have a calming scent that just makes you feel good. It’s all natural and formulated using the finest essential oils from trusted suppliers.


While beautiful to look at the Enlighten range refill candles are not Pillar candles and have been specifically designed to fit snugly into an Espress Yo’self or Meek beaker. This means you can continue to reuse your beaker and feel virtuous in the warm glow of your refill candle burning in your Functionality beaker.

General Candle care

The first time you light your new candle, burn for at least 2 -3 hours, allowing the wax to burn evenly across the surface. For a maximum burn time, always trim your wicks to 5mm, this eliminates soot build up. However, a small amount of soot is normal especially when you’re getting to the bottom of your candle. Ensure you position your candle away from drafts, air conditioner vents or fans as this will drastically reduce the life of your candle and create an uneven burn. For best results, never burn you candle for more than 4 hours.

Safety First

Never leave a candle unsupervised and place it on a heat resistant coaster if burning on a wooden surface as after burning for 3 hours or more the beaker will be super hot. Take care to burn your candle away from drafts, curtains, papers and other flammable items around your home. Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets. Always remove the wax trimmings from within the candle as this will affect the overall scent and pose a fire hazard.