Five years ago, and after many countless hours, days and months working with clay, I noticed my hands started to literally fall apart. 

As we normally do when we are faced with wanting to nourish and repair our skin, I used a multitude of hand creams promising instant revitalisation. 

When that had little effect, the doctors become my next port of call for a solution. In my case, the suggestion was for topical steroids which thins the skin. 

That not being an option for a ceramicist, the problem solver in me came out and I started thinking that if there was nothing that is suitable, I would just create it…

We first said “hello” to Salvation - the nourishing body butter - in 2015. 

After a year of trialling and formulating with only natural ingredients and a holistic approach to healing, the recipe was perfected AND most importantly my skin healed up. 

I then took on a cosmetic chemist degree as I wanted to be able to share my passion for healthy and natural skin range. 

So we said a big “hello” to the Let's Be Honest skincare in mid 2016. 

My natural skincare brand ethos is to offer products that use only top quality purposeful ingredients, no fillers, harsh chemical or natural irritants and be efficient as well as effective in their use. 

My wish for all Let’s Be Honest users is for easy self care routine that assists you in reconnecting back to you. 

Let’s be Honest with our skin care.

Lets be honest - flatlay - salvation and renew bathsalt